Vibe and taste
of Portugal
“A Casa do Vizinho” is a restaurant situated in a picturesque pedestrian area in Funchal between hotels Savoy Palace and Casino da Madeira.
We have everything for your comfort and relaxation: stylish interiors, exciting cuisine and inimitable mood.

Our restaurant is perfect for every occasion, be it a family outing, a romantic dinner or a meeting of a big company of friends. In a cozy, comfortable room or garden full of smells of your favorite food, with a glass of Portuguese wine, even an ordinary evening becomes special.
“A Casa do Vizinho” is where traditional Portuguese cuisine meets Mediterranean one. Our chefs put all their talent and imagination into our menu. We’re always happy to see our young guests. There are play and drawing sets on offer. We also offer Wi-Fi.

You are welcome to try original dishes and beverages at affordable prices, experience new tastes and get unforgettable emotions. We promise none of that will leave you cold.
Start your journey through our menu from fresh salmon rolls with crab meat, then move on to “Tom Yum”, a sour and hot Thai shrimp soup and “Magret” duck breast in ginger sauce, and finish it off with passion fruit creme-brulee in a crispy cane sugar crust.

If you love meat, our cooks will be only too happy to offer you New Zealand beef steaks, black boar cutlets or “Espetada”, a traditional Madeiran beef kebab with truffle polenta.

Use our wine list to select a perfect pair to each dish. We select wines for our list not for their fancy names, but based on quality, winemaker’s reputation and best price. Choose a wine to suit your taste, while we help you navigate their variety.
Our chef, Cristina, likes to experiment, and that’s reflected in our cooking technologies and our varied, original menu. She makes most of her offerings using the Sous Vide method, achieving the results that would be impossible with simple cooking. That makes our dishes taste rich and as natural as possible.

Only in “A Casa do Vizinho”, you can taste the dishes that cannot be found in any other Maderian restaurant, such as traditional Espada fish cooked Sous Vide in herbs with cauliflower and truffle Parmentier on the side, or “Leitão crocante”, Sous Vide suckling pig brisket cooked for 48 hours and roasted to a crunchy crust, with thin slices of pumpkin in Herbs de Provence on the side.

Cristina is very particular about choosing her ingredients. She goes to the market personally to select only the best foods for your plate.
Come to “A Casa do Vizinho” to witness how professional our chef is and how unique our dishes are.